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UX Design & testing

IA, Flowchart, Prototyping, User Testing

Understanding how people use an app or website is essential very important if you want the user experience to be enjoyable and rewarding. The best way to test a product is by talking to users and watching them interact with the product. User testing is the most effective way to understand how a product will work as well as find solutions to user’s frustrations. 


In this project, I created an app prototype after testing paper prototype designs in user settings. After determining who will be invited to the user group, I created a user flow to test. During the session, I gave clear instructions, explained what the product is and made sure the user understood there were no wrong answers. Permission was received to record the session, I encouraged users to speak out loud as they worked through the tasks. 


User testing is a usability technique that helps designers understand the why and how of a user experiencing the product. This testing helped me comprehend more precisely who the users are and what the goal is for the app. Testing is crucial to developing the best product.

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